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Unlike most other travel websites that rely on robots and algorithms to find deals, our deals are curated, handpicked and checked for accuracy by humans before they are sent out to you. In addition, we don’t earn affiliate commissions from bookings, which means that we only send out deals that we feel our subscribers will find useful.
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Currently we only send out deals for international flights that originate from U.S. and Canada. We are planning to roll out our service to countries in Europe and Asia within a few months.

About 95% of our alerts are for international flights because those flights are more expensive to start off with and have greater potential for savings.
Currently we send out alerts by region only. The reason being is that most great deals originate from larger international airports. While you may live in Miami, a flight from Fort Lauderdale might cost $500 less and is only a short drive away.


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Miami to Buenos Aires


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